Afghanistan: Vote Audit Finished, Results Uncertain

An external audit of votes cast during Afghanistan’s presidential elections has finally been completed. The audit, which took into consideration an estimated 8 million suspicious ballots, took nearly seven weeks and was the source of much conflict throughout. Both leading candidates, Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani, abandoned the audit the its neared its completion, albeit for different reasons. Abdullah walked away from the audit due to the UN-sponsored audit team’s refusal to meet a series of demands imposed by the Abdullah campaign, while Ghani left at the UN’s insistence, in order to avoid the perception of partiality.

While the Afghan IEC did confirm the termination of the audit process this past week, it is still unclear when the results will be released, or how power will ultimately be divided. Current President Hamid Karzai has pleaded for both candidates to collaborate and quickly establish who will end up as the country’s chief executive, a neutral position created to satisfy both candidates. The candidates recently communicated a message suggesting that they will form a “unity government” that will see the two share power, though previous plans spearheaded by US Secretary of State John Kerry were dismissed by both candidates.  The two candidates are expected to release a statement sometime today or at another point early this week that details the results of the elections, though problems could still arise, as recent reports suggest that Abdullah has been urged by supporters to refrain from ceding support to individuals allied with Ghani.

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News Briefs: 

  • Uzbekistan has begun to put new restrictions on what bloggers are allowed to postonline, prohibiting content “defames the honor and dignity” of individual citizens. President Karimov signed this decree into law on September 5 that obliges bloggers to check the accuracy of information before publishing it and bans any posts deemed to back the overthrow of the state or spreading religious extremism, drug use, or pornography.
  • Despite the imposition of a ceasefire brokered between Russia and Ukraine on Friday,Ukrainian government forces are still coming under artillery fire around Mauripol, according to Reuters. This constituted a major violation of the ceasefire agreement on Saturday. In the days preceding the ceasefire, government forces were trying to repel a major separatist offensive around Mauripol, with sporadic fighting continuing around the besieged city of Donetsk. The next step in the plan for peace is a prisoner exchange, but spokesman for the National Defense Council Andriy Lysenko gave no timeframe for when this would be completed.

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