Ukraine Elections: Bloc Led by Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk Holds Large Majority

Pro-Western blocs in Ukraine are leading the way with over 22% of the vote in Ukraine’s ongoing parliamentary elections.  Competing parties led by Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and current President and former chocolate mogul Petro Poroshenko are leading the with just over 21.65% of the vote each, with all other parties at least seven percentage points behind. The elections will determine which parties will control the majority in parliament, and seem to indicate that the country will go the way of its “Maidan” protests of earlier this year, with the country favoring pro-EU representation. Ukraine first post-revolution elections are expected to culminate in the formation of a coalition led by its current prime minister and president, and include other parties that share similar values.

The impact of the elections on the crisis in eastern Ukraine is expected to be negative. The formation of a government that “all but extinguishes” all pro-Russia parties will likely exacerbate ties between Ukraine and Russia, the effects of which will be felt on the battlefield near Donetsk. The population of the region of Donetsk, as well as populations throughout war-torn regions of east Ukraine will naturally be excluded from the elections due to the lack of state-sanctioned voting stations throughout the region. How the Ukrainian government will ultimately incorporate these populaces into the country if and when they are re-incorporated into the country remains to be seen.

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News Briefs: 

  • An investment forum in Dushanbe will get under way today, October 27, in order to discuss the future of development in Central Asia. The forum will be attended by 110 individuals from across the region, and are expected to engage in talks surrounding Central Asia’s capacities for new transport systems as well as energy infrastructure.
  • “Clearing” operations in Afghanistan left 37 Taliban and another 55 wounded as Afghan security forces seek to eliminate Taliban presence throughout Mideast Afghanistan, including operations in Ghazni Province. Afghan forces seized Taliban caches of heavy weapons and ammunition, and moved to seize approximately 640 kilograms of opium whose intended sale would have provided Talban forces with funds to continue their operations in the region.

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