Russian media conglomerate expanding into Central Asia

The Russian state-run media conglomerate Rossiya Sevodnya will be opening local bureaus in over 29 world capitals to expand global media presence in a bid to escalate an ongoing “information war” with the West. Details will apparently be released at an event in Moscow next month, but confirmed locations for the new bureaus include Dushanbe, Tajikistan and Belgrade, Serbia. Rossiya Sevodnya was established as the overarching entity for a number of Russian state-run news agencies established by decree of President Putin December 9 of 2013. The English website translates to Russia Today, but is not quite the same as the TV network which has been in operation for several years. Other services under the Rossiya Segodnya brand are RIA Novosti and Voice of Russia.

Simultaneously, an examination of the Russian budget reveals that Russia has increased spending on foreign media operations, appropriating some 15.38 billion rubles ($362.2 million) for RT in 2015, an increase of over 30%. Rossiya Segodnya’s budget has additionally been tripled to some 6.48 billion rubles, or $152.6 million. Western government officials have accused RT many times of being Kremlin propaganda mouthpieces, while Russian officials have accused Western media outlets of being unfairly hostile to Russian interests.

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News Briefs:

  • Chinese officials have seized nearly $140,000 USD from the bank account of recently jailed Uyghur scholar Ilham Tohti. The leading Uyghur activist and former university professor was recently given a life sentence on charges of “separatism” despite widespread criticism of the charges as oppressive and fraudulent in nature. The seizure of Tohti’s funds has put the livelihood of his family in jeopardy and made it impossible for mortgage payments to be made.
  • Iran and China have strengthened naval relations. Chinese warships for the first time docked at an Iranian harbor this past week, while naval commanders representing both sides announced increased maritime cooperation in the coming years. Thus far few details have not been released regarding the specifics of the cooperation, though access to Iranian ports will facilitate Chinese maritime shipping operations in Africa, among other places. The Iranian navy is still limited to World War II era diesel submarines and a handful of small warships, and could benefit from closer ties with China if Beijing proves willing and able to sell Tehran some of its naval technology.

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