Tajikistan: ADB Allocates Additional $65mn in Funding

The Asian Development Bank, a regional financial organization whose investment goals include regional infrastructure, transport and energy projects, has given the green light to its first private sector loan in Tajikistan. The regional body will allocate more than $11mn USD to acquire a ten percent share in Access Bank Tajikistan, a local financial institution that finances, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in areas of Tajikistan apart from Dushanbe, where other microfinance organizations, such as FINCA, already operate. The ADB’s investment was made in order to increase ABT’s presence in mostly rural areas of Tajikistan that currently do not have access to any type of financial institution and are thus financially excluded currently.

In addition to the $11b doled out to acquire a stake in ABT, the ADB will allot an additional $54 million to assist with the development of Tajik power lines. Currently outdated and incapable of transmitting peak amounts of energy, the funds will be destined also to purchasing and implementing a metering system which will allow Tajik officials to measure energy usage and prevent energy loss. The latest series of grants/loans brings the total amount of financial assistance offered by the Asian Development Bank to $430mn USD in Tajikistan alone.

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News Briefs:

  • Ukraine’s Energy Ministry has at long last allowed for thousands of tons to coal held up at the Russia-Ukraine border to enter the country. The total amount of coal stands at more than 50,000 tons, all of which are destined for Ukrainian thermal power units throughout the country. With winter already upon us and the country’s energy sector in dire straits, the coal is expected to provide a modicum of relief for Ukrainians currently without heat. The country’s energy crisis is much deeper than just coal, however, and continues to lie in a precarious position due to tenuous relations between Ukraine and the Russian gas giant Gazprom.
  • Chinese e-commerce behemoth Alibaba Group Holding is pushing headlong into China’s Western Xinjiang province. Alibaba leadership has signed large-scale deals with the regional government by which the company hopes to expand eCommerce throughout the country. The company has already opened three specialty online malls which sell specialty goods from the region, including one focused on B2B bulk sales, and another focused on agricultural products.
  • French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian announced that the currently postponed sale of warships to Russia may be permanent. The minister, in saying that France “[m]ay never deliver them” alluded to the present, perceived “East-West” conflict by saying that Russia must “understand the [present] situation” and that it impedes France’s ability to sell military vessels to Moscow. The much-discussed ships are designed to transport hundreds of troops by sea, and can also be utilized to transport tanks and helicopters. The statement coincides with French President Francois Hollande’s visit to Moscow, where he is engaging with talks with Vladimir Putin.
  • Militants operating in the disputed Indian region of Kashmir snuck into an Indian military base, killing eleven soldiers and police. The attack constitutes the worst loss of life in Kashmir in six years, and was followed by a fire fight in Srinagar, the Kashmiri state capital, and further skirmishes in southern Kashmir. The attack has caused yet another diplomatic row between India, which believes Pakistan does little to prevent militants from crossings into India, and Pakistan’s national government, which denies this accusation.

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