Ukraine: Military Retakes Donetsk Airport

The Ukrainian military announced that its forces have successfully regained control of the Donetsk airport. The Ukrainian military has long laid siege to the airport, which for months has been the sight of intensive fighting between separatist militias and Ukrainian military. The latest spat of intense fighting has seemingly shaken the last bastions of separatist resistance loose, as rebel groups have thus far refrained from confirming their control of the airport. The Ukrainian military has suffered 36 casualties in the past 24 hours.

The fight to regain the airport has been defended as in accordance with the Minsk ceasefire negotiated weeks ago by Ukraine and Russia. Ukraine’s military stated that the actions surrounding the airport have been undertaken on “their side of the disengagement line,” and thus do not constitute a violation of the already broken down peace talks. The reengagement of violence by both sides suggests that an end to the conflict is far from within sight. Fighting has resumed throughout Donetsk and Luthansk, and with it increasingly strong rhetoric has emanated from the Kremlin, warning Kiev of making a “serious strategic mistake.”

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News Briefs:

  • Construction on the Trans-Eurasian Information Super Highway (TASIM) will soon begin after officials from Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan came to an agreement. The transnational fiber-optic line will extend beneath the Caspian Sea with the purpose of increasing internet connection speed, creating internet services and, subsequently, increased economic development.
  • Central-Asia focused oil and gas firm Tethys Petroleum has secured a six million dollar loan from Cayman-islands based entity, seemingly putting an end to short-term liquidity problems. Tethys announced that the loan will allow it to move forward with planned extensions of its Akkulka Exploration contract, as well as permit it the resources to undertake other initiatives inside of Georgia.
  • Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif warned that an agreement surrounding Iran’s nuclear program will not be possible if Western companies don’t stop “pressuring Tehran.” Iran’s chief diplomat was quick to offer assurances that Tehran still believes a deal to be possible, but that requisite “good will and determination,” coupled with easing of pressures on the Iranian negotiating team will ultimately make or break the deal.
  • Iran and Kazakhstan have announced plans to establish a “preferential trade agreement.” The Iranian Deputy Director of Trade Promotion recently brokered the pact with Kazakh Ambassador to Tehran Baghdad Amiriyev. The two sides will soon engage in meetings designed to study the countries’ respective road maps to identify areas in which Astana may cooperate with Tehran.
  • Kazakhstan announced that two new nuclear plants have already been assigned corresponding waste disposal facilities in “The Polygon,” or the Semipalatinsk Test Site area located in northeast Kazakhstan. Astana recently announced plans to build two new reactors, though questions had arisen regarding the country’s intended waste disposal methods. Two new reactors are scheduled to be commissioned by 2025 and will be immediately linked to Semipalatinsk.

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