Tajikistan: President Claims Country’s Water Resources Could Mitigate Shortages

Tajik President Emomali Rahmon recently attended a water usage conference in Daegu, South Korea. As expected, Tajikistan’s first and only president made reference to Tajikistan’s abundant water resources, and vowed to make greater use of them in the coming years. Specifically, he called for scientists and other experts from around the world to come to Tajikistan to assist in efforts to develop water resources in Tajikistan and allow for the export of water and hydro-power to countries where shortages of “pure drinking water” exist.

In relation to its neighbors, Tajikistan possesses vast amounts of water, though it has done little to make use of them. High-level talks with Iran, for instance, were never practical, and regional discourse has failed to bear fruit. The status of the CASA-1000 project is still heralded as a breakthrough in energy relations in South and Central Asia, although progress has not been consistent and efforts to build dams in Tajikistan have faced similar developmental issues. In his speech, Rahmon alleged that Tajikistan could make an “exemplary contribution” to combatting world water shortages, though his speech failed to make mention of how.

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News Briefs:

  • The head of Roscosmos, Russia’s space agency, announced that it had recently uncovered a network of spy satellites disguised as space junk overlooking Russian territory. The announcement was vague in that it did not list the countries whose satellites have allegedly been identified, and is reminiscent of Cold War-era “battle for space” rhetoric.
  • Ukraine’s credit rating was cut again by Standard & Poor’s, this time to CC from CCC-. The latest cut places Ukraine three levels above default and marks the fifth downgrade since 2013. Ukraine is currently restructuring its foreign debt with the stated goal of saving $15bn in the coming years.
  • Afghan security forces estimate that they killed 27 Taliban fighters in recent clashes in northeastern Afghanistan. The violence was concentrated chiefly in Badakhshan’s Jurm District and has seemingly ended, according to sources there. Among the dead were foreign fighters, including Tajik nationals. Violence in Afghanistan has risen in relation with 2014, though civilian deaths have gone down.
  • Azeri President Ilham Aliyev announced that the country will make an effort to speed up its own inflation in order to promote greater economic development. Aliyev’s statement was largely positive, nonetheless, and included claims that the Azeri economy is being managed well by the corresponding state bodies. The stated goal is to raise the inflation rate beyond the current 2.8% within the next three years.

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